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The Company Make Money Wise occasionally engages in affiliate marketing and might permit affiliate links to be placed on some of our pages.

This means that if/when you click on or make purchases through affiliate links, we might receive a commission but is no extra cost for you.

The Company will only affiliate with goods, services, coaches, consultants, and other professionals that we think will benefit our clients and followers, as a matter of policy.

You understand that it is still your responsibility to look into whether any affiliate offers are advantageous to you and your company. You will carry out your own research and not rely on any advice, references, or data offered by the Company.


Trademark Disclaimer

Be completely confident about the domains you want before buying them because there are no refunds for domain purchases.


We make every effort to identify domain names that do not violate third-party rights or trademarks. It is your responsibility as a domain buyer to do your research.

If a trademark dispute arises over your domain and you lose it as a result, we’ll give you a new domain of comparable worth at no extra cost, providing the dispute arose before the domain’s acquisition.

Any losses or legal actions brought about by copyright or trademark infringement are not our responsibility. You accept these conditions and agree not to hold Make Money Wise or anyone affiliated with the business accountable for a trademark or copyright issue by acquiring a domain from this website.


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